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What is Drawfee?

Caldwell Caldwell

Created by illustrators Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe, Drawfee is an interactive comedy drawing experience where viewers can watch their dumb ideas become even dumber drawings before their very eyes. On each episode of Drawfee, Caldwell, Nathan and their illustrator and comedian friends create a work of art from scratch. Some episodes pull inspiration directly from viewer comments while others involve games and challenges like drawing from memory or drawing based off random Urban Dictionary articles. No matter the prompt, every episode is chock full of laughter, creativity and general silliness because on Drawfee, even the dumbest ideas can lead to something amazing.

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The Crew

  • Nathan

    Nathan Yaffe

    Co-founder of Drawfee and Beard-Haver

  • Caldwell Tanner

    Caldwell Tanner

    Co-founder of Drawfee, storyboard artist for Disney XD's "Big City Greens", and big chin-haver

  • Jacob Andrews

    Jacob Andrews

    Drawfee cohost and Nuesday video editor, Maker of For Lack of a Better Comic

  • Julia Lepetit

    Julia Lepetit

    Drawfee cohost and Drawtectives editor, Mother of Nightmares

  • Jake Young

    Karina Farek

    Drawfee cohost and animator

  • Tony Wilson

    Tony Wilson

    Head of Video at Dorkly and Illustrator and Co-Writer of AmazingSuperPowers

  • Willie Muse

    David Clarke

    Drawfee video editor

  • Trevor Lyon

    Trevor Lyon

    Editor of Drawfee videos and Crew Member for Drawfee Live shows