Game Jam


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  • Kiss Planet
    • (developed by 'Lip Service Games' – Jo Fu and Conrad Kreyling, with music by Jo Fu and Akash Thakkar)

      You play as a KISS SHIP, which needs to collect the correct emojis to flirt with a KISS PRINCE and give them the ultimate kiss, making them the KISS KING (or Dukems of Smoochems).

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  • Wiggle Jiggle Blocks
    • (developed by 'Play Nice' – Jarryd Huntley, Steph Frank, and Zac Pierce, with music by Jarryd Huntley)

      You're an older sibling who wants to stack blocks of gelatin in peace – but your annoying little brother keeps coming around to knock over your wiggling blocks. If your stress meter gets too high, you'll fight with them and your mother will enter and tell the two of you to "play nice." (that's GAME OVER)

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  • Final Retirement Saga
    • (developed by 'Wub Dub Cubs' – Jerry Belich, Carol Mertz, and Gabrielle Genevieve, with music by Akash Thakkar)

      You are Brandon, an elderly chameleon janitor at a retirement home for animals – and you must collect all of the Wub Dub Cups (cups of gelatin that are highly sought after in the retirement home)

      (NOTE: This game was originally designed to be controlled by placing fingers into gelatin snack-packs! See it in action here)

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  • Kickin' It: Shows Your Destiny
    • (developed by 'Highly Visible Ninjas' – Jolie Menzel, Johnny Oh, and Akshay Balakrishnan, with music by Akash Thakkar)

      You have three feet, which you must outfit in a variety of shoes, to combat the evil feet of a shoe factory. Defeat all of the feet, collect new shoes, and take over the factory.

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  • Zodiac Mall Ball
    • (developed by 'World Trees' – Teddy Dief, Jenny Jiao Hsia, and Ethan Redd, with music by Akash Thakkar)

      A 4-player rollerskating brawler, where players compete to collect coins that they can use to appease the Zodiac Mall Gods and win their favor, and also collect cool pins. Check out the timed demo here:

    • Timed Demo Timed Demo
    • From the team: "We loved working on Zodiac Mall Ball so much that we just couldn't stop! We've been hard at work since the Jam to develop the Full game, with new features, levels and Pin Powers! We humbly think the full game is worth a small price, for unlimited play and future updates! We hope you'll enjoy!"

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